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22 December

LCI would like to extend Season’s Greetings to our customers, partners and friends across the globe. Thank you for working with us in 2022.
We wish you Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2023. See you in the New Year, where we have a lot more planned! 
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14 December

“The demand for leased helicopters has climbed significantly this year, leading to a shortage of capacity in some sectors. This reaffirms a persistent and underlying need for the mission-critical aircraft which make up the majority of our fleet.”
“However, if we are going to invest in new equipment, then we are all going to have to take a much more collaborative, industry-wide approach.”
Our EVP & Global Head of Marketing, Nigel Leishman, discusses the trends LCI is seeing in the helicopter leasing market with Mike Stones from Helicopter & VTOL Investor.
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7 December

Our CEO Jaspal Jandu spoke on an Airbus Helicopters panel on “Towards Clean Vertical Flight” at the Airbus Summit in Toulouse last week. A wide range of topics were covered, including the integral role technology is playing in sustainable aviation, and the role of the finance and leasing community around that.
As Jaspal said: “Disruptive technology can be an enormous power amplifier to change. Sustainability has become a very important part of how we source and allocate capital.”
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28 November

Our CEO Jaspal Jandu will be speaking on the “Towards Clean Vertical Flight” panel at the Airbus Summit in Toulouse on 30 November, 2022 from 15.30 – 16.30 CET. The panel will explore the journey to decarbonising vertical lift and reflect on the steps in sustainability required to deliver our ambitious net-zero emissions targets.

For more information, and to watch the event, visit:
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22 November

LCI is excited to announce the promotion of Terri Foley to Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel. Terri has a long-established career with LCI, having joined in 2008 as the company’s General Counsel.
Based at LCI’s Dublin headquarters, Terri will be responsible for global operational management of the company, focusing on enhanced efficiencies and strategic initiatives to support its continued growth. Terri will continue as General Counsel, and will focus on legal strategy and process, supported by a legal team.
Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI says: “Terri is a tremendous asset to LCI and her elevation is thoroughly well deserved. We are delighted to have someone with her strong experience, knowledge and creativity as our COO and General Counsel.”
Terri Foley says: “This is an exciting period of growth for LCI and I welcome the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead. I look forward to working with our team to continue the company’s development, and structuring it to help us meet our ambitious growth and sustainability objectives.”
Congratulations Terri!
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18 November

Following the recent LCI announcement regarding capital raising in 2022, we are pleased to share this news from Investec Corporate and Investment Banking about our growing helicopter financing relationship.
As our CFO Praveen Vetrivel notes: “Investec has an excellent understanding of our sector and our needs, and is demonstrating its commitment to the dynamic helicopter leasing marketplace and the excellent investment opportunities it delivers.”
We are proud of our collective efforts thus far, and look forward to developing many more opportunities in the years ahead. Our thanks to Bradley Gordon and the team.
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17 November

LCI is delighted to announce a senior hire with the addition of Kate Spencer as Legal Counsel. 
Kate is an Irish qualified solicitor and holds an LLB from Trinity College Dublin and an LLM from the University of Cambridge
She will be based at our Dublin headquarters, and will be responsible for negotiating, structuring and project managing a wide range of aviation financing, leasing and investment transactions. 

Terri Foley, General Counsel, says: “Kate will be a major asset to our growing legal team at LCI. Her wide ranging skillset and wealth of relevant experience will strengthen our proven leasing platform, and help ensure that LCI continues to execute legal matters effectively and efficiently. ” 
Welcome on board Kate!
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14 November

LCI’s Executive Vice President & Global Head of Marketing, Nigel Leishman, will be participating in Bird & Bird’s Annual Aviation & Defence Conference on 16th November.

The event will provide insights into the latest trends and issues impacting the industry, including the technology revolution, the transition to net zero and how the world is emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic.

LCI is uniquely positioned across the commercial fixed-wing, helicopter and advanced air mobility sectors. Nigel will be contributing to the panel on ‘Civil Aviation and Commercial Aerospace Zone: New Aerospace Technologies of the Future’ at 1630 GMT on Wednesday.

You can register for the event here:

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11 November

Our CEO Jaspal Jandu spoke to Mike Stones from Helicopter & VTOL Investor about the importance of sustainability within aviation. 

Read the full article below:

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9 November

Yesterday evening, LCI was delighted to welcome partners and customers to our EUROPEAN ROTORS drinks reception in Cologne.

It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss the future of vertical flight with colleagues from across the industry, and update them on recent developments.

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8 November

With the closing of a new 5-year facility with Investec Bank, we are delighted to announce that LCI group has surpassed the raising of over US$300 million of helicopter related finance and refinance in 2022. This follows on from the US$1 billion of aviation and helicopter capital raised from 2019 to 2021 – a significant achievement spanning the COVID pandemic.
Praveen Vetrivel, CFO of LCI, provides some insight: “As a lessor, we are required to be across a huge variety of capital sources from around the world.”
He continues: “Interest rates and financial compliance costs are up, and we look to offset these with our own efficiencies such as the raising of capital at scale. With a new aviation investment cycle upon us, we are deploying our resources across a broad and efficient range of products including: operating leasing; finance leasing; deposit payment finance; hedging; and also additional equipment finance.” 
“Lessors such as LCI play a significant role in the aviation and helicopter value chain, and facilitate new deliveries from the OEMs as well as trading in the secondary market. As such, we are vested in the long-term value and sustainability of assets, and form a key stakeholder in this community.”
LCI, a leading aviation company, is uniquely positioned across the commercial fixed-wing, helicopter and advanced air mobility sectors. To discuss your aviation capacity requirements, please email
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3 November

Come and meet LCI at European Rotors! Nigel LeishmanChristopher GraingerMike Platt, and Crispin Maunder will be attending the event in Cologne between the 8th and 10th November, 2022. 

European Rotors provides a unique space to interact with industry leaders, operators and regulators to discuss the future of vertical flight. 
As a leading aviation company, LCI is uniquely positioned across the commercial fixed-wing, helicopter and advanced air mobility sectors. 

To discuss your aviation capacity requirements, or to organise a meeting please email:

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1 November

LCI is pleased to announce that its Joint Venture (JV) with Thora Capital, LLC has acquired two Leonardo Helicopters AW189s valued at over US$25 million. 
The super-medium helicopters are on operations across the globe and bring the total of LCI’s acquisitions alongside Thora to US$120 million.

Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, says: “Thora is a trusted financial partner with whom we have built a portfolio of helicopters used on mission-critical operations. We are delighted to be expanding this successful partnership and growing its footprint worldwide.”
Russell Christopher, Managing Director of Thora Capital, LLC notes: “LCI’s proven helicopter acquisition, management and technical experience is integral to the success of our partnership. Together, we are building a portfolio of investment grade assets that are sought after by helicopter operators across the globe.”
LCI, a leading aviation company, is uniquely positioned across the commercial fixed-wing, helicopter and advanced air mobility sectors. To discuss your aviation capacity requirements, please email
Thora Capital, LLC is an alternative asset manager dedicated to aviation finance. Its private equity vehicles focus on helicopter assets, with opportunistic capital deployment into fixed-wing and related financial instruments.

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27 October

LCI has today taken another important step forward in its sustainability journey by signing Aircraft Leasing Ireland (ALI)’s Sustainability Charter.
In signing the Charter, we have pledged our commitment to achieving net zero carbon objectives. The Charter’s additional principles and goals include the pursuit of low-carbon technologies such as Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and hydrogen, the commitment to reuse and recycling, the drive for greater community engagement, and corporate ESG accountability and reporting.
Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, comments: “Sustainability is integral to LCI and we are delighted to participate in the signing of this important and ambitious Charter. LCI is uniquely positioned across the commercial fixed-wing, helicopter and advanced air mobility sectors and comprehends the need to take action now in order to prepare for the future. The journey to net zero has to be taken together, so we welcome the opportunity to shape it now.”
We’re looking forward to our continued collaboration with ALI and the rest of the members. 
Learn more here: 
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26 October

Thank you to the ISTAT Foundation for this valuable initiative, and for the support you provide to so many helicopter operators and customers.

25 October

Thank you very much Wiserfunding for your support and this article.

21 October

Thanks to Deirdre M. for your kind words and congratulations on a fantastic internship.

Investing in our people is an investment in the future and we welcome interns to join our team. 

If you would like to find out more, please email:

20 October

LCI is proud to be welcomed as a silver sponsor at Airlink, Inc. Their work supporting humanitarian disasters and mission critical operations is incredibly important and aligns with our corporate social responsibility values. 
Our partnership will build on the mission critical and socially responsible operations we support across the globe every day. This includes Emergency Medical Services, Search and Rescue, and other LCI operations spanning from Australasia, Europe, the Americas, and more.
Airlink offers support through rapid response in the immediate aftermath of disasters and through long-term recovery programmes. In 2021, Airlink helped more than 7.8 million people in 38 countries by moving 767,000 lb. of supplies on behalf of 56 NGOs.
We’re looking forward to working together in the future, Airlink. 
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17 October

Sustainability is at the top of LCI‘s agenda. 

Join us on Wednesday 19th October from 18:15 – 20:15 at the The Royal Air Force Club to hear our CEO Jaspal Jandu discussing eVTOLs, carbon capture and hydrogen-powered aircraft.

To find out more, including details of how to attend, please follow the link: 

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13 October

LCI is pleased to announce that its joint venture with Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited has grown to a total of 50 next generation helicopters valued at US$550 million. 
This has been achieved with the sourcing, funding and acquisition of an additional 12 helicopters – six Airbus Helicopters H145s, four Leonardo Helicopters AW169s and two AW139s – all of which are deployed on mission-critical and socially responsible operations in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) use around the world. 

Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI said: “Our joint venture has demonstrated consistent growth over the past two years and we are very pleased to help our customers save lives and contribute to their communities with a broad, deep and efficient product offering.”
You can find previous JV releases here:
Please do get in touch to find out more:
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5 October

Congratulations to our fellow Libra Group company, EuroEnergy, on their partnership with Perceptual Robotics to deploy the use of drones to inspect wind turbines critical in addressing urgent energy needs.
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29 September

Join George Logothetis, the Chairman and CEO of LCI’s parent company, The Libra Group, for his inspiring keynote speech at the opening of the 2022 Concordia Annual Summit in New York City. 

To listen to the speech, click here:
Earlier this year, George and our CEO Jaspal Jandu provided a joint interview to Airline Economics in which they shared their views on key areas, including sustainability and developing trends in the commercial aircraft, helicopter and Advanced Air Mobility/eVTOL markets.
To read the article, click here:
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2 September

LCI is pleased to be attending a variety of exciting conferences this September which will provide significant and varied insights into the aviation industry. 
Helitech Expo, 7-8 September, London
Revolution.Aero Conference, 12-13 September, San Francisco
Airline Economics Growth Frontiers, 13-14 September, London 
International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) EMEA, 18-20 September, Marrakech
Sola Conference, 19-21 September, Stavanger 
We’re looking forward to meeting our valued customers and partners from around the world. 
If you’d like to arrange a meeting with us at any of these conferences, please email
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30 August

Join our Executive Vice President Nigel Leishman at the ASA Airmed conference in Brisbane. To find out more about the event please follow this link:

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26 August

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24 August

We are glad to see that Dujanah Ahmad had such a productive and rewarding time at our offices during his two week internship. 
LCI is always keen to foster young talent and educate them about the important work we do.
Good luck with the rest of your studies Dujanah!
If you would like to find out more about our internships, please email

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20 August

Celebrate vertical flight this World Helicopter Day! 🚁

On Sunday 21 August 2022 join in this global celebration of one of the world’s greatest engineering inventions.
World Helicopter Day aims to raise awareness of the contributions that helicopters make to our society and celebrate the diverse range of people that design, fly and support them. 2022 will be the eighth year of the event. 
Throughout the world every day there are people relying on helicopters for rescues, disaster relief, transport, firefighting, medical transfers, powerline maintenance, tourism, agriculture and many more roles.
There are an estimated 56,200 helicopters worldwide and the industry employs more than 500,000 people.
The website will maintain a register of worldwide events that local communities can access to see what is happening in their local area:

To learn more about LCI please visit our website:
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17 August

Our CEO Jaspal Jandu and EVP Nigel Leishman recently gave their perspective on the state of the helicopter market to Glenn Sands at Vertical Magazine
“Post-pandemic, the helicopter market is recovering far more quickly than anyone could have predicted. Operator demand for airframes is outstripping availability, particularly within the leasing market. We are seeing real firmness in the market,” said Jaspal Jandu, the company’s CEO.
“We now find ourselves in 2022 facing a unique confluence of supply, demand and sentiment-related factors pushing a tighter market in all directions. Interestingly, this is evident in both new, organic helicopter market growth, as well on the replacement side, where a delayed cycle is being rapidly addressed.”
Nigel Leishman adds: “This is happening all over the world, with high demand across Europe and Latin America and particularly Brazil with its increasing offshore market”. 
In summary, Jaspal states: “At a macro-level, we are all dealing with rising inflation and interest rates too. As a lessor, we work very, very hard at solving financial and capacity issues for operators and end-users – it’s our very job to facilitate such trades.”
You can find the full interview here:
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2 August

Our CEO Jaspal Jandu and EVP Nigel Leishman recently spoke to Olivier Bonnassies from Airfinance Journal following LCI’s major commitment in April for up to 125 BETA TECHNOLOGIES eVTOL aircraft. 
As Jaspal comments: “We don’t mind diversifying our investments. We are in growth mode and it is a good time to be risk-on. The BETA Alia order is interesting because it is completely battery-powered and, therefore, supports our vision on ESG and sustainability; an evolution of what LCI has done previously.”
Nigel adds: “When we started looking at the [mission critical] applications, that is where it gets complementary to our helicopter business and light utility aircraft.
To read the full article, click here:
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27 July

LCI is pleased to share that we have signed an agreement with Airbus for up to 6 (six) H175 helicopters. 
The order is for two confirmed aircraft, with the agreement providing for a further four options. The first helicopter is set to be delivered in late 2023 and builds on LCI’s previous order for new H175s.
Our CEO, Jaspal Jandu, says: “The Airbus H175 is a versatile, multi-purpose helicopter and this order will help to maintain the breadth of LCI’s product offering. This latest chapter in our partnership is an important element of LCI’s long-term growth strategy, and demonstrates our confidence in the helicopter leasing market.”     
Bruno Even, CEO of Airbus Helicopters, says: “LCI is a longstanding and valued Airbus partner. As a leading lessor and operator of Airbus helicopters, their renewed commitment to the H175 demonstrates the strength of the marketplace and its post-pandemic recovery.”
To read the full announcement, click here:
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25 July

LCI is pleased to announce a first-of-its-kind deal with Aria Hotels, one of the hospitality subsidiaries of The Libra Group Group, to provide its guests with access to BETA TECHNOLOGIES‘ electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. These highly innovative vehicles will expand guests’ opportunities to experience the full beauty of Greece whilst also exploring wider mission critical roles in Greece.
Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI says: “LCI is honoured to be supporting the launch of this ground-breaking eVTOL strategy for the hospitality sector, and helping Aria Hotels to develop this innovative and sustainable transport operation for their customers as well as the wider Greek community.” 
Read more about our partnership below. 
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20 July

Are you interested in joining our team? Our Dublin office is looking for a Transaction Manager for a 12 month, maternity cover, contract starting in September. 

This is an excellent opportunity to work in a growing platform with our highly experienced team of professionals. Reporting to the General Counsel, the transaction manager will be part of the legal team responsible for all aspects of transaction administration and support to the global team.

To find out more about the role, follow this link:

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30 June

LCI is pleased to announce the acquisition of a portfolio of nineteen helicopters, alongside RIVE Private Investment and Turning Rock Partners
The portfolio has been acquired from Lobo Leasing. It is valued at over US$115 million, and comprises aircraft from leading manufacturers including Airbus HelicoptersBell FlightLeonardo and Sikorsky. The acquisition will see LCI continue to diversify its fleet, increase its customer base and expand its geographical reach.
Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, says: “This portfolio acquisition is another major step in LCI’s strategic plan and reflects our confidence in the helicopter market. Our team and partners have performed strongly, and the assets will be seamlessly incorporated onto our leasing platform, driving further efficiencies of scale.”
To read the full announcement, click here:

22 June

A happy snap of Terri Foley, LCI’s General Counsel, leading the charge with the teams from LCI and RIVE Private Investment on a visit to Paris! 
Established in 2013, RIVE is an independent investment group that specialises in real assets and has successfully invested over €2 billion through around 100 transactions.
LCI announced a US$100 million co-investment vehicle with Rive and other parties in 2020 (, and it’s great to be meeting like-minded partners in real-life once again!

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21 June

LCI is pleased to share news that Americraft Marine Group, a maritime subsidiary of The Libra Group, announced its strategic acquisition of St. John’s Ship Building, a full-service marine facility specialising in building and repairing Jones Act-compliant vessels. 
The acquisition provides access to a wide variety of new US vessel construction and repair opportunities, including those that support and service offshore wind farms.
This follows on from the investment in GreenMet, a leading player in the rare earth mineral space working to build sustainable rare earth supply chains to North America, and compliments the Group’s extensive portfolio, including aviation and eVTOL applications.  
You can read further details below and we look forward to building upon the natural synergies in the times ahead.
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20 June

Come and join LCI at ROTORTECH Helicopter and Unmanned Flight Exposition!

Christopher Lloyd, VP Marketing and John Gumulak, Technical Director will be attending the Expo in Brisbane between the 21st and 23rd June. 
Rotortech provides a vital interface between industry, regulators and government. We’re looking forward to the insightful conversations this Expo will bring. 
If you’d like to organise a meeting with Chris or John, email:
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16 June

LCI is pleased to announce the delivery of two new Leonardo AW169 helicopters from our joint venture leasing operation with Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited to the Italian helicopter operator ALIDAUNIA S.R.L.
The aircraft will be based in Naples and Salerno, and deployed on mission-critical and socially responsible emergency medical services operations for the Campania region of Italy.
Our Executive Chairman, Crispin Maunder, says: “Alidaunia is a highly experienced provider of helicopter services, and LCI is proud to be supporting their growing emergency medical services operation. With over half of our fleet deployed on mission critical operations, we have the technical and operational experience to help them deliver this vital service for the people of Campania.”
To read the full announcement, click here:
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15 June

As we celebrate Global Wind Day today, our VP Marketing EMEA, Christopher Grainger is attending the leading offshore renewable energy event, SeaEnergy, in Le Havre. 
LCI was one of the first lessors to target offshore wind and has developed considerable operational, technical and commercial experience in this rapidly growing sector. 
Total installed offshore wind capacity will reach 330GW by 2031, up almost ten-fold from 34GW in 2020, according to a recent report by Wood Mackenzie. Cumulative global capex spend in the sector is expected to hit US$1 trillion (€0.95 trillion) by 2031, spread across countries such as the UK, France, US, China and many others.
LCI is focused on developing further helicopter leasing options for this vitally important and sustainable sector; please contact us here for further information:
#offshorewindenergy #sustainability #helicopterleasing #GlobalWindDay

14 June

Thank you Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service – Northern NSW Service, – Northern NSW for highlighting the importance of blood donations. Your amazing work helps carry lifesaving blood to patients in need. 
LCI is incredibly proud to support your vital, mission critical work which helps bring better, safer healthcare and emergency rescue services across the north of the NSW region. 

#aviation #helicopter #leasing

10 June

The Internship Programme run by The Libra Group is a powerful force for good, providing opportunities for young people across the globe. LCI has contributed to the Programme, welcoming and mentoring many interns over the past decade, two of whom are now permanent and rising members of our team.

7 June

Many congratulations to Airbus Helicopters on the impressive achievements in reducing the environmental footprint of helicopters.
LCI is proud to number over 40 Airbus assets on our leasing platform, and to work closely with the Airbus Helicopters Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) User Group.

#helicopter #leasing #aviation #ESG #SAF

3 June

Congratulations to BETA TECHNOLOGIES on the landmark 1,400 nautical mile flight of their ALIA-250 across the US from Plattsburgh, New York to Bentonville, Arkansas. With an energy cost of just US$19 to fly a 160 nautical mile trip, this was a flight like no other, and represents another major step towards an era of sustainable aviation. LCI is proud to be a customer for this ground-breaking aircraft.

#sustainable #aviation #evtol

30 May

Many congratulations to Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service – Northern NSW Service – Northern NSW on their wonderful event on Friday, LCI’s Nigel Leishman and Christopher Lloyd were honoured to attend. 
LCI is proud to work with Westpac to bring better, safer healthcare and emergency rescue services across the north of the NSW region. 
To learn more about LCI’s work with Westpac, click here:
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13 May

As part of an initiative to raise money for a number of leading charities, the entire LCI team is virtually walking over 9,000 kilometres from Dublin to Mount Everest! 
Team members are tracking their steps each day to add to a cumulative route. The starting point is our Dublin HQ from there we’ll greet employees and partners as our journey progresses in London, Paris and Milan. We’ll then trek across to Athens in Greece, the home country of our parent company, The Libra Group, before heading on to the finish line at the Everest Base Camp. 
The total trip is 13,509,173 steps and the team is aiming to get there by the end of June. You can discover the full route here ( and we’ll be posting some happy snaps in the weeks to come. 
These boots are indeed made for walking!
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6 May

LCI will be attending the Airline Economics Growth Frontiers in Dublin next week. This event brings together experts from across the aviation finance and leasing industries, and we are looking forward to meeting with valued customers and partners. 
To arrange a meeting with one of our attending team, please email
Mike Platt
Jaspal Jandu
Praveen Vetrivel
#aviation #aircraftleasing #growthfrontiers #AEDublin2022 #AirlineEconomics

5 May

Many congratulations Air Ambulance Victoria. LCI is proud to support you and Babcock Australia & New Zealand in delivering this vital, mission-critical and socially responsible work.

27 April

LCI has signed an agreement with BETA TECHNOLOGIES for up to 125 eVTOL aircraft. Our commitment for BETA’s ALIA-250, which can carry five passengers or cargo for up to 250 nautical miles, will enable us to sustainably support operations across the globe.  
The battery-powered ALIA-250 produces zero operational emissions, can be recharged in under an hour, and has low maintenance requirements. It can provide sustainable solutions for a wide range of applications including cargo, medical and passenger.
The new eVTOL aircraft will complement LCI’s existing fleet of modern helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, and almost double the number of aircraft on our platform to over 270 units.
Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI says, “We are embracing this new era of sustainable flight and BETA Technologies’ innovative approach makes them a natural and credible partner for LCI. We believe that the aircraft’s blend of rechargeable battery power, significant internal capacity, and plentiful range is an optimal one. We are confident it will be a popular choice for operators and end-users seeking to develop and augment their fleets with this truly sustainable technology.”
To read the full announcement, click here:

25 April

This weekend, some of the LCI team were at the HeliOffshore Ltd Conference including Malcolm MacGregorCrispin MaunderMark StevensAngelo Raimondi and Christopher Grainger
It was an exciting weekend in Portugal, and a great opportunity to share best practice and improve safety levels around the world. We enjoyed listening and contributing to many of the conference sessions, and to meeting contacts from across the industry.
We look forward to returning next year!
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14 April

LCI will join senior stakeholders from across the offshore helicopter industry at the HeliOffshore Ltd Conference and AGM in Portugal from 23-24 April. 

The event provides an invaluable opportunity to discuss how we as an industry can best collaborate to drive forward our joint safety goals.

To arrange a meeting with LCI at the event, please email:
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8 April

We had an exciting couple of days at the Helicopter Investor conference in London! 

LCI’s Executive Chairman, Crispin Maunder joined the first panel of the conference to discuss helicopter leasing – past, present and future. Mike Platt, Vice Chairman, later highlighted the socially responsible and mission critical roles helicopters perform, commenting, “Helicopters save lives. As an industry, we need to educate that helicopters hold a lot of ESG values.” 

On Day 2, CEO Jaspal Jandu discussed the future of rotary with experts including Roberto Garavaglia of Leonardo Helicopters and David Prevor from Airbus Helicopters. He said: “There are positive signs in the market and it is important that we develop new and innovative ways to finance and lease our assets in the coming decade.”

It was a pleasure to be part of such engaging conversations both on and off stage. Thank you to Alasdair Whyte and the entire Helicopter & VTOL Investor team for another hugely successful event. 

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28 March

Join Lead Sponsor, LCI, at this year’s Helicopter Investor conference in London between 6th and 7th April. 

Once again, the event will bring together the leading OEMs, operators, financiers, lessors, lawyers, investors and appraisers from across the helicopter industry.

LCI’s Crispin MaunderMike Platt and Jaspal Jandu will join fellow experts to discuss key takeaways from the last 18 months, roles for eVTOL aircraft, and the future of leasing.

To organise a meeting with LCI at the event, please email

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23 March

LCI is pleased to share news of The Libra Group’s strategic investment in green energy company, GreenMet, a leading player in the rare earth mineral space. 

Rare earth minerals are crucial to the production of high-performance magnets, alloys and electronics which, among diverse applications, are widely used in aircraft airframes, parts, engines and avionics. They will also play a vital role in the development and roll-out of Advanced Air Mobility systems and eVTOL vehicles and infrastructure. 

GreenMet is currently working on six major projects that have a combined projected value of over $2 billion and is quickly building unprecedented solutions in the battery and magnet supply chain.

You can read further details here and we look forward to building upon the natural synergies in the times ahead.

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21 March

LCI’s Vice President Marketing for EMEA, Christopher Grainger recently spoke to Aviation International News about the significant rebound of the European helicopter market since the pandemic.  

He said: “the market has bounced back strongly, particularly in the emergency medical services (EMS), search and rescue (SAR), offshore wind, and corporate/VIP sectors. Once again, helicopters have proven their resilience during difficult times, due in large part to the mission-critical nature of the roles they perform.”

Read the full article here:
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17 March

LCI wishes our customers, partners and colleagues a very happy St Patrick’s Day from our long-standing headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Sláinte! ðŸ€

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16 March

LCI is pleased to announce the closing of two helicopter financings totalling over US$60 million, spread across six international banks.
The facilities cover a range of Leonardo HelicoptersAirbus Helicopters and Sikorsky products, and follow on from our US$25 million financing announced in February (
Praveen Vetrivel, Chief Financial Officer at LCI, says: “We are proud of our industry-leading engagement with the helicopter finance market. With a forecast of over 7,000 commercial helicopter deliveries in the next 10 years, it is vital that we all help secure a strong capital base for this industry.”

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10 March

LCI’s Jaspal JanduNigel Leishman and Christopher Lloyd forecast a dynamic decade ahead for the Asia-Pacific helicopter market in Asian Sky Group’s Civil Helicopters Fleet Report. 

“Right across the Asia-Pacific region, LCI is seeing opportunities for growth in helicopter leasing emerging in many geographic markets and operating sectors. 

In 2022, LCI will continue to invest in its presence and partnerships and is very much open for business in this region.”

They discuss: 
-The in-built resilience of the helicopter industry 
-LCI’s expanding partnership with Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited
-Growing demand for helicopters from the offshore wind sector as fields expand further offshore
-and more

Read the full article here:

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8 March

LCI has taken delivery of its 100th helicopter engine from Pratt & Whitney Canada.  
P&WC engines power many of the next generation Leonardo Helicopters and Airbus Helicopters aircraft in LCI’s fleet, including the #AW139#AW169#AW109S and #H175. These aircraft are deployed on mission-critical services across the globe including Emergency Medical Services, Search and Rescue, offshore wind and energy operations.
Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, said: “Having engines in our fleet that deliver such outstanding reliability, power and efficiency enables us to meet our customers’ exacting needs whilst also supporting our collective environmental responsibilities.”
Nicolas Chabee, vice president, Helicopters at Pratt & Whitney Canada, added: “Our helicopter engines deliver exceptional performance and reliability in diverse applications and contrasting environments and are particularly suitable to serve the many missions of LCI’s customers.” 
Read the full press release here:
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7 March

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and the theme this year is #BreakTheBias.

Whether deliberate or unconscious, bias creates barriers for women. To help overcome this, some of the exceptional women who make up more than a third of the LCI team will be visiting secondary schools to give talks on their career journeys, roles, and the wide variety of opportunities across the aviation sector.

Terri Foley, General Counsel at LCI, says: “I fell into aviation leasing in my 20s but I want to give students the chance to be aware of the diverse and interesting career options that are open to them in the aviation world. It’s important for girls in particular to know that there are no limits on what they can achieve in their careers – be it technical, legal, sales, finance, senior management.” 

LCI’s Technical Manager, Monica Butfoy adds: “For me, going into schools is very important. Many students out there have no idea of the amount of amazing careers in aviation. Some students may be struggling or think they can’t achieve what is needed to get into aviation. But anyone can do it with enough want and push. When I was in college doing my degree in aircraft systems we had a class of around 40 people, only four of whom were girls. That really needs to change.” 

We’re looking forward to kicking off the project in Dungarvan, County Waterford!

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27 February

We’re looking forward to meeting friends, customers and investors once again at this year’s HAI Heli-Expo in Dallas! Please email to arrange a meeting with our team from 8th-10th March to discuss your helicopter leasing, management and financing requirements. You will find us at Booth #11348.  
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21 February

Listen to Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, discuss the Asia-Pacific market, investor interest, ESG, eVTOLs, and more in Asian Sky Group’s latest podcast:

“Clearly, the world had to deal with the near-term effects of the pandemic, but we have now found our feet and are using our assets, capital and platform harder than ever.  

We are looking forward.”

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17 February

LCI has successfully completed its first financing of 2022 by introducing a new, blue-chip Asian financier to the market.  
The partnership has financed the addition of two Leonardo Helicopters AW139s, worth in excess of US$25 million, to the fleet of LCI’s joint venture with Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited (SMFL). 
The aircraft are deployed on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) operations in Australia, highlighting LCI and SMFL’s shared commitment to supporting life-saving and mission-critical operations globally. 

The deal highlights LCI’s ability to connect the market with capital from around the world, and follows on from over $1 billion of helicopter financing since 2019.
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11 February

A happy snap of our CFO, Praveen Vetrivel (left), our VP Finance, Alan O’Rourke (right) and our Head of Marketing, Nigel Leishman (centre).

The trio – affectionately known as Iron Man, Thor and Captain Scotland – are pictured on the first trip of the year to see customers, financiers and investors right across Europe. They were joined by Christopher Grainger for some demo flights in France.

Nigel noted: “It’s fantastic to be back on the road again meeting friends and partners face-to-face after two years behind a screen. We’re doing what we do best – meeting people and solving puzzles – in an aviation industry we all love.”

Praveen noted: “We’re on a never-ending hunt for high-volume/low cost capital to provide to the market on attractive terms. On the finance side, our discussions can often be quite involved, so it really pays to be there on the same side of the table in person when trying to figure it all out!”

Il vaut mieux faire que dire (“doing is better than saying”) as they say in France, so we look forward to sharing the team’s exploits in the real world soon – it’s great to be back!

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9 February

LCI is pleased to announce that it recently delivered a brand-new AW169 helicopter to a leading operator in the Asia-Pacific region, expanding our customer base in the region. We hope you enjoy these fantastic photos taken during the test flight, courtesy of Leonardo Helicopters

Nigel Leishman Christopher Lloyd John Gumulak

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4 February

We’re looking forward to meeting friends, customers and investors once again at this year’s HAI Heli-Expo in Dallas! Please email to arrange a meeting with our team from 8th-10th March to discuss your helicopter leasing, management and financing requirements. You will find us at Booth #11348. 

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29 January

LCI would like to wish our customers, partners and colleagues a Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Tiger bring you peace, happiness and prosperity.

With experience, structures and a presence in China, as well as other locations across Asia and the globe, LCI is well placed to be your leasing and capacity management partner.

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24 January

We are pleased to share that LCI has joined the Airbus Helicopters Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) User Group. The Group brings rotary-wing stakeholders together to proactively support the industry’s CO₂ reduction by working on ways to accelerate the use of blended SAF kerosene and pave the way toward 100% SAF flights. 
Martin E. Siegrist, Chief Technical Officer at LCI, says: “Lessors work closely with key industry stakeholders such as OEMs, operators, financiers and end-users, and have a unique opportunity and responsibility to support industry-wide decarbonisation efforts. LCI is looking forward to playing an active role in the User Group.”
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18 January

Congratulations to the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance team on carrying out more than 1,400 missions last year, making 2021 the busiest year in the charity’s history.

LNAA’s CEO Karen Jobling says: “It is only because of the generosity of our supporters that more patients have been helped by a crew with the highest skills and standards in pre-hospital care. Everyone here at LNAA would like to send all of our wonderful supporters our whole-hearted thanks.”
LCI is incredibly proud to support LNAA through the lease of a market-leading Leonardo Helicopters AW169, as well as the wider EMS sector in the UK and around the world.

Read more here:
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12 January

Happy New Year to all our friends and partners!

To set the scene, we are pleased to share a recent interview that George Logothetis, the Chairman and CEO of The Libra Group, and Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, provided to Airline Economics, in which they share their general business outlooks, as well as insights into the rotor and fixed-wing leasing markets.

The article covers a range of topics including the impact of the pandemic, its effect on strategic goals, and the commitment to social responsibility from the Libra Group and its companies. Logothetis and Jandu also share their views on other key areas including sustainability and developing trends in the commercial aircraft, helicopter and Advanced Air Mobility/eVTOL markets.

To read the article, visit:

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