LCI Appoints Mark Kelly to Lead Marketing Across EMEA Region

Experienced industry executive Mark Kelly has been appointed Vice President – Marketing at LCI. With a particular focus on the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, he brings his combined years as a senior executive in the sector as well as his extensive helicopter piloting experience to both LCI and its leasing customers.

Joining this week, Mr Kelly will be based in the firm’s Dublin office with a remit to cover both helicopter marketing and business development. Mark’s unique experience as a helicopter pilot and an executive with one of the largest and most diverse helicopter operators in the world will bring particular value to LCI’s customers.

Prior to joining LCI Mark Kelly was the managing Director of CHC in Ireland where his main responsibility was the safe, efficient and compliant operation of the search & rescue service for the Irish Coast Guard. Having led the bid for the contract, he was involved with its fleet replacement process, including team, management and project innovation. In addition he was central to the establishment of CHC’s Dublin-based aircraft leasing division, serving as a director on the board of the unit from its formation. As a search & rescue commander, Mark flew over 250 missions and was awarded by the Irish State for his part in the FV Celestial Dawn rescue when it ran aground in 2002.

Mike Platt, LCI’s Chief Executive Officer, says: “Mark brings a wealth of expertise to LCI and will be a huge asset to our helicopter leasing division. It is always good to have someone with commercial and flying experience on the team and Mark Kelly is particularly distinguished in that regard.”

Mark Kelly says: “This is a very exciting time for helicopter leasing and I am very happy to be joining LCI which has proved itself a market leader in the aviation leasing field.”

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