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The LCI team are heading to Spain for this year’s EUROPEAN ROTORS event between 27th-30th November and please email to organise a meeting. 
Our CCO, Nigel Leishman, will be part of a panel discussion on The Future of Helicopter Leasing with industry peers. They’ll be covering the health of the helicopter market and its challenges, safety problems in civil helicopter use and sustainable rotatory aviation. Join them in the conference Silent Area at 16.45-17.30 on Wednesday November 29th.
 See you there!

Yesterday, our CEO, Jaspal Jandu, attended Aircraft Leasing Ireland (ALI)’s Sustainability Day. 
It was an opportunity to further develop on ALI’s Sustainability Charter which was launched at last year’s event, where we pledged our support to work towards net zero carbon goals. This year’s theme was Action and Collaboration, and speakers outlined the collective progress that has been achieved since the meeting in 2022 and, collaboratively, we can achieve our collective climate goals.

Being a Charter signatory forms part of LCI’s wider commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. LCI’s fleet operates on mission critical and socially responsible sectors such as Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Search and Rescue (SAR) and offshore wind, and we are committed to the latest technology aircraft with the lowest CO2 emissions in their class such as the Leonardo AW139 and the Airbus H175 helicopters.

LCI is also a member of the Airbus Helicopters Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) forum, and are positioning ourselves at the forefront of the coming era in battery-powered flight, sustainable energy and advanced air mobility.

Most recently, LCI group also announced the development of the world’s first Social Loan Framework for helicopter leasing, finance and operations, and will require funds to be used for eligible and verified Social Projects, which in LCI’s case will include search and rescue and emergency medical services.

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This #Movember, the LCI Technical team is joining the fan-tache-tic global movement for men's health, raising money for the Samaritans. It's time to suit up and grow those 'taches for a good cause! 👨‍🦰

Our campaign ends on November 30th. Shave the date and get donating - thank you!

Click the link to contribute and help us reach our fundraising goal. Every donation counts!

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Today, LCI proudly announces the development of the world’s first Social Loan Framework for helicopter leasing, finance and operations with Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited. Our framework has received the highest rating of “Social 1(F)” from the Japan Credit Rating Agency, and will require funds to be used for eligible and verified Social Projects, which in LCI’s case will include search and rescue, and emergency medical services.
Alan O'Rourke, CFO of LCI, says: "This innovative Social Loan Framework builds upon our proven track record of financial innovation and will make a meaningful difference to our customers and the communities they serve. It will require our Social Loans to adhere to a number of core principles including fund usage, calibration, characterisation, reporting and verification, all of which will support our unwavering drive to bring new and efficient forms of capital to the helicopter sector which have a positive social impact.”
Read more here:
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Shane McKinley, LCI’s Senior Manager of Technical Operations, had a fantastic opportunity to view Aircraft Leasing Ireland’s new sustainability e-learning platform, inniu, this week.
The tool will help industry-wide ESG and climate-aligned reporting as part of ALI’s Sustainability Charter.
LCI is a proud signatory to the charter and are looking forward to the upcoming ALI Sustainability day on the 20th November in Dublin. Helpful links below.
Inniu overview:

Sustainability Charter:

Sustainability Day:
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Today we announce that Mike Platt will be stepping down and retiring as Vice Chairman at the end of 2023. He will thereafter serve as a senior advisor to the company, working on a number of business innovation projects for LCI.
Mike joined LCI as CEO in 2009, and has served as its Vice Chairman since 2021. He has played an integral leadership role in LCI’s successful expansion and its unique position across the commercial fixed-wing, helicopter and advanced air mobility sectors.  
We are grateful to Mike and are delighted that he will still be part of the LCI family as an advisor.
Read more here:

Did you know that LCI provide 30% of the helicopters used globally for offshore wind? 

In the US alone, there is a commitment to 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy by 2030, and 110GW by 2050. Meeting the 2030 target will generate enough power to meet the demand of more than 10 million American homes for a year and avoid 78 million metric tons of CO2 emissions.

LCI’s track-record in this arena is indicative of our long-term commitment to this important component of renewable energy.
In this regard, we are pleased to share some fantastic images of our Leonardo Helicopters AW169s on operations with HeliService USA around Rhode Island, supporting the development of offshore wind energy. 
The helicopters enable safe and efficient crew changes and maintenance across a variety of sea states, and are equipped with hoisting systems to airlift technicians to and from wind turbines.  
Image courtesy of 📸 Lloyd Horgan/Vertical Magazine 

LCI’s VP of Marketing Malcolm MacGregor and Marketing Manager Ioannis Santorinaios are going to Ohio for the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) 2023 Air Medical Transport Conference from 23-25th October!
This event is significant for LCI as we play a vital role in providing helicopters for emergency services work, helping organisations to save lives. Our team will be looking to engage in conversations on what the industry needs to advance the industry, including new technologies. 
Would you like to connect with LCI at the event? Feel free to get in touch at to organise a meeting. We hope to see you there! 
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LCI is pleased to share that it has concluded long-term lease extensions for three Leonardo Helicopters AW139s currently being operated by Omni Helicopters International (OHI), a leading operator of helicopter and air mobility services. The three helicopters, which are valued at approximately US$30 million, are part of a wider fleet of 14 helicopters from LCI’s leasing platform that support OHI’s operations. 
Malcolm MacGregor, VP Marketing, Americas at LCI, says: “We are delighted to have agreed this lease extension as part of LCI’s support of OHI’s expanding operations in Latin America. The AW139 is a proven, versatile helicopter, and we are confident it will help Omni continue to deliver efficient and reliable helicopter services in this rapidly growing region."

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Here's a happy snap of our colleagues Ioannis Santorinaios and Christopher Grainger walking back to office from Helitech Expo this week. They bumped into the London's Air Ambulance Charity hard at work in front of a small residence in the heart of town. Luckily everything turned out fine!

Contribute to LAA here:

Have you registered yet? This Wednesday at 15:00 BST Nigel Leishman our COO will be participating in an Aviation Week Network webinar about the role of lessors in AAM. 
It will explore how lessors should approach eVTOLs, something LCI has experience in with our recent investments, and the role that the leasing community can play in de-risking AAM investments. We’re looking forward to insightful discussions about this new era of sustainable flight.
Don’t miss out, register here:
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Once again, the entire LCI team is undertaking its annual virtual walking challenge to raise money for a number of leading charities,
The route runs from Europe to Asia, covering over 20,000 kilometres or 30 million steps!  
Commencing in Dublin, the teams will walk to Japan via London, Paris, Milan, Athens, New Delhi, and Singapore, before finishing in Tokyo; all tracked via an online routing app here

We are aiming to complete this by the middle of October, so let the games (and sore feet) begin!
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Next week, Christopher Lloyd and John Gumulak will be heading to Adelaide for the Aeromed Conference, taking place between 4th and 6th September.
Delivering mission critical EMS operations across the globe is at the heart of our business, and so the Conference is a key event in LCI’s calendar.
Would you like to connect with LCI at the event? Feel free to get in touch at to organise a meeting. We hope to see you there! 
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Have you read this new article from Vertical Magazine on the development of BETA TECHNOLOGIES’ new Alia-250 eVTOL aircraft?
The battery powered Alia-250 has the potential to revolutionise the way we travel. It is a cleaner, quieter and more efficient aircraft that can help reduce our environmental impact.

LCI has placed an order for up to 125 of these aircraft as part of our long-term commitment to more sustainable skies.
Read the full article here:
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Celebrate vertical flight this World Helicopter Day! 🚁

On Sunday 20 August 2023 join in this global celebration of one of the world’s greatest engineering inventions.
World Helicopter Day aims to raise awareness of the contributions that helicopters make to our society and celebrate the diverse range of people that design, fly and support them. 2023 will be the ninth year of the event. 
Throughout the world every day there are people relying on helicopters for rescues, disaster relief, transport, firefighting, medical transfers, powerline maintenance, tourism, agriculture and many more roles.
There are an estimated 56,200 helicopters worldwide and the industry employs more than 500,000 people.
The website will maintain a register of worldwide events that local communities can access to see what is happening in their local area:

To learn more about LCI please visit our website:
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Pleased to share this powerful and personal interview with George Logothetis, the Executive Chairman of LCI’s shareholder Libra Group. He shares his story, reflects on how the Group has been built, and talks about the ethos behind it as a vehicle of empowerment.

Last year, George and our CEO, Jaspal Jandu, spoke to Airline Economics about the diversification of the Group’s interests across shipping, aviation and many other sectors. To read the interview, visit:

We are pleased to share the delivery of three new Leonardo AW169 helicopters on long term lease to the Italian operator ALIDAUNIA S.R.L.
The aircraft have entered service with Alidaunia over the past 12 months and are being flown on emergency medical services (EMS) operations in Italy. They have state-of-the-art equipment including recovery winches for Alidaunia’s specialised crews to provide EMS cover in the most inaccessible areas, both day and night. 
The helicopters are valued at over US$30 million, and form part of the LCI and Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited joint venture (JV) fleet, which now totals 57 aircraft valued at approximately US$600 million.
Nigel Leishman, Chief Commercial Officer of LCI, says: “Supporting mission critical EMS operations is an integral part of our ethos, and we are thrilled to be underpinning Alidaunia’s vital work in southern Italy with these proven, new helicopters. The initial ‘golden hour’ is vital in critical conditions, and helicopters have the unique combination of speed, range and access to meet this demanding medical requirement.”
For more information, visit:

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We are pleased to announce that LCI has begun to deliver the first dedicated offshore wind helicopters in the United States of America. These will be leased under long-term arrangements to HeliService USA and support a new era of sustainable energy supply in the country. 
Valued at over US$20 million, the two state-of-the-art Leonardo AW169 helicopters are designed to perform a wide range of mission-critical operations. They will be operated by HeliService USA in support of Ørsted and General Electric contracts based in Quonset, RI, and Martha’s Vineyard, MA, and enable safe and efficient crew changes and wind turbine maintenance.
Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, says: “LCI is honoured to be enabling the USA’s first offshore wind helicopter operations, which are mission critical and socially responsible. Modern helicopters emit up to five times less CO2 per passenger compared with offshore crew transfer vessels, and they will underpin the growth of this exciting new energy future.”
Michael Tosi, Managing Director of HeliService USA, says: “Helicopters are vital to efficient offshore wind operations, and we are excited to be bringing proven procedures and strong safety culture to this new clean energy industry.”
The White House has a commitment to a new clean energy industry with a goal of deploying 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy by 2030, and 110GW by 2050. Meeting the 2030 target will generate enough power to meet the demand of more than 10 million American homes for a year and avoid 78 million metric tons of CO2 emissions.
Learn more here:
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Congratulations to Space Leasing International (SLI)Libra Group’s newest subsidiary, and the world’s first dedicated space leasing company. 
SLI aims to accelerate the projected $1 trillion space economy by leasing a broad portfolio of space assets. Its first investment, in partnership with RBC Signals, includes a ground station in the geo-spatially critical Alaskan Arctic and the construction of 20 additional ground stations around the world.
SLI builds on Libra Group’s strong track record with LCI and its other transport subsidiaries, with more than $15 billion in international transactions across transportation sectors in the last 15 years. 
We look forward to working with the SLI team, and congratulate them on this extremely exciting endeavour!
Crispin Maunder Alejandro Kerschen Alexandros Koutromanos Praveen Vetrivel Phaedra Chrousos
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LCI is proud to announce the strengthening of our team with the appointment of Eric Kataoka as Chief Investment officer, and the promotion of Nigel Leishman to Chief Commercial Officer.
Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, said: “Eric and Nigel bring extensive strength and depth to LCI’s senior executive team, and will play pivotal roles in the next chapter of our company’s development. I am confident that their proven leadership skills and respected industry relationships will add enormous value to our company, customers and partners.”
Congratulations to Eric and Nigel. 
To learn more, visit:
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LCI’s Nigel Leishman recently spoke to Oliver Johnson at Vertical Magazine about the impact of supply chain issues on the aviation and helicopter industry.
“We’ve got 50 customers operating our fleet all around the world. All of them, to some degree, are experiencing this [supply chain problem], and it is having a direct impact on their operations.
“It’s not an insignificant problem. And, despite what we’re hearing from quite a few of the OEMs, who are saying that this is something to be resolved probably in the next six months or so, I’m not sure if that’s the case. It’s certainly not what we’re hearing from our customers.”
To read the full article, click here:
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LCI is currently seeking forward-looking individuals to join our Dublin office in the following roles:

-            Solicitor / Commercial Negotiator, Legal
-            Human Resources Manager
-            Associate, Technical Operations
-            Manager, Technical Operations
LCI is committed to excellence and innovation in the aviation industry. If you have a strong passion for aviation and are ready to contribute to our dynamic team, we encourage you to apply these roles. 
For more information on each position and how to apply, please visit the careers page on our website:
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Last week, LCI took part in a panel discussion at the Aviation News Dublin Aviation & The Environment Summit. Thanks to Airline Economics for hosting this and to our industry peers for an insightful conversation.

Advanced Air Mobility will have applications in areas such as cargo, logistics, EMS, humanitarian and relief work, and LCI is excited to be investing in this new era of sustainable flight.

For more information about LCI’s growing commitment to AAM, visit:

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LCI is proud to be partnering with Babcock Australia & New Zealand to deliver mission-critical emergency medical services (EMS) operations for the Queensland Government. Two new Leonardo Helicopters AW139 aircraft from our fleet will be used by Babcock to provide 24/7 EMS cover for the Torres Strait and Northern Cape York Peninsula communities. 
Operating from Horn Island, the two new LCI aircraft, which are worth over US$40 million, will enable the region’s aeromedical retrieval and search and rescue services to go further and faster than before.
Nigel Leishman, LCI’s EVP & Global Head of Marketing, says: “We are delighted to be supporting our longstanding partner Babcock with these vital mission critical operations for remote communities in Queensland. The latest Leonardo AW139 is an innovative and versatile next generation helicopter, well proven across many mission types including emergency medical services. The aircraft type has one of the largest installed fleets in the world and LCI has invested significantly in the programme.”
Over 50% of LCI’s fleet of over 150 aircraft are deployed on mission-critical EMS operations across the globe.

For more details, visit:
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LCI will be participating in the Aviation News Airline Economics Dublin Aviation & Environment Summit next week from 11th – 12th May. Don’t miss a unique and insightful fireside discussion on eVTOL, where our CEO, Jaspal Jandu, will be joined by Michael Rurik Halaby, FRAeS, Grant Newman, and Victor Lefevre.
We believe that the aviation industry has a critical role to play in reducing its carbon footprint and are determined to be at the forefront of this effort. We’re looking forward to participating in important discussions on ESG initiatives and exploring how new technologies can promote sustainable growth. 
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Breaking news! Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited (SMFL), one of the world’s premier financial institutions, has agreed to acquire a 35% stake in LCI.
SMFL and Libra Group plan to grow LCI’s business by US$1.5 billion over the coming years with significant capital investment by shareholders.
This expands LCI’s established partnership with SMFL which began in September 2020 with the launch of a US$230 million helicopter leasing joint venture. The JV has continued to expand, and now has a portfolio of over 50 aircraft valued at over US$550 million.
Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, says: “LCI is delighted to expand and solidify its relationship with SMFL through this transaction. Given our shared values and culture, they represent an ideal partner as we embark on the next chapter in our development. Together we intend to reinforce LCI’s position as a leading provider of leasing, financing, and investing solutions in the aviation industry.”
To read the full announcement, click here:
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LCI has announced that it will deliver two new Leonardo AW139 helicopters on long-term lease to Babcock in Australia in early 2024.

The aircraft, which are valued at over US$40 million, will be deployed by Babcock on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) operations. 

Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, says: “The latest Leonardo AW139 is an innovative and versatile next generation helicopter, well proven across many mission types including emergency medical services. The aircraft type has one of the largest installed fleets in the world and LCI has invested significantly in the programme.  

“Many of our AW139s are placed on lease within the Babcock Group and so naturally we are pleased with this incremental business with a long-standing partner.”

Find out more here.

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LCI is delighted to announce the appointment of Alan O’Rourke to the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). 
Previously LCI’s Senior Vice President, Finance, based in the lessor’s London office, O’Rourke was responsible for developing relationships with LCI’s financial partners, to source and originate capital for the organisation.

Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, says: “Alan O’Rourke’s wealth of experience, deep knowledge of our business, and strong relationships with the financial community, make him a natural choice in this important role. I have no doubt he will be a valuable addition to LCI’s senior management team, and will ensure a robust, far-sighted and modern approach to our financial strategy."
Alan O'Rourke, CFO of LCI, says: “LCI is a dynamic, fast-growing aviation lessor, and I’m delighted to be taking this important role at a key stage of its growth. The company’s finance function is vital to underpinning that growth, and I look forward to leading a team of skilled finance professionals to deliver that.”
Effective April, O’Rourke replaces Praveen Vetrivel, who has been appointed CFO of LCI’s parent company, Libra Group. Jaspal Jandu says: “I am personally grateful to Praveen for the invaluable role he has played in growing our business, and wish him well in his new role at Libra Group.”
To learn more, please visit
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In this insightful article in AviTrader Aviation NewsDavid Merrill, CEO of Elroy Air spoke about the recent LCI agreement to sign up to 40 Chaparral aircraft, the current demand for VTOL aircraft and the future of its technologies. 
Interested to find out more? Click here:
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Come and meet LCI at the Helicopter Association International’s HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta from 7th – 9th March, where our team will be showcasing a range of helicopter leasing and financing solutions.
To arrange a meeting, please email

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Thanks to a concerted year-end effort from our dedicated team, we are pleased to share that LCI raised over US$200 million in aviation and helicopter financing in the last two months of 2022 alone, taking our total for the full year to over US$500 million. 
Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, says: “The LCI team has now raised over US$1.5 billion of capital since the start of 2019, and this speaks volumes about our ability to raise helicopter and related finance at scale. It also validates the continuing successful engagement of our team with our network of finance partners and other capital sources around the world.”
“This year presents a new interest rate, regulatory and ESG-related environment, but one in which efficient leasing solutions will continue to prove popular with operators, end-users and OEMs.”
LCI is uniquely positioned across the commercial fixed-wing, helicopter and advanced air mobility sectors. To discuss your aviation capacity requirements, please email
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Our Vice Chairman Mike Platt gave an update on developments at LCI and the leasing environment during the recent Helicopter & VTOL Investor Town Hall on The Helicopter Leasing Market in 2023.
Catch Mike’s comment’s at:

LCI would like to wish our customers, partners and colleagues a Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Rabbit bring you peace, happiness and prosperity.

 #ChineseNewYear2023 #CNY #lunarnewyear

LCI would like to wish all our customers, partners and friends a very Happy New Year.
As 2023 begins, we’d like to acknowledge the importance of Babcock Australia & New Zealand ’s work, especially their partnership with Ambulance Victoria. We feel proud that our ongoing partnership of six AW139 EMS helicopters allow the team to serve the state of Victoria.
Our collective people, efforts and assets help to save lives every day.
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