Deepwater and ultra-deepwater reserves now make up the greater proportion of new discoveries of oil and gas fields around the world.

Helicopters are therefore a vital and trusted partner in exploration and transportation for companies engaged in the offshore discovery and production of these fuels.

Transportation needs for this sector are varied. It could involve moving crew from one base to another, an offshore drilling rig, platform or other installation, our or a tour of production facilities for key personnel. Throughout, the desired standards of safety and comfort are required, alongside the latest in technological enhancements and optimal capacity – particularly where crew moves are concerned. Add to this the exacting demands for exploration missions where specialist equipment, range capacity and payload are all key requirements, it is obvious how helicopters contribute to day-to-day operations in the global oil and gas sector.

LCI has a number of helicopters on deployment in offshore settings around the world, from the Gulf of Thailand to the African coast, North Sea and Baltic regions.