Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are a major advance in medical care in the 21st century.

Providing acute, primary care wherever the patient happens to be located with swift onward transportation to specialist units and services as required, these missions are saving countless lives each year through targeted medical attention at the most vital moments.

Air ambulances deliver medical care across wide-ranging regions and geographies. In some parts of the world those missions also include rescue operations along with first aid and basic life support care.

LCI already has a number of helicopters on deployment in EMS settings, notably in Australia where helicopters have increasingly proved their worth in the medium-to-long range missions previously undertaken by ‘flying doctors’ in light, fixed-wing aircraft. Now, high-specification rotary wing aircraft, such as the market-leading AW139 model, features full medical and rescue equipment with winches. These innovations enable service operators to provide full EMS retrieval and transfer services in line with world-class aeromedical search and rescue standards.