Airbus H175

The 7-ton class H175 (formerly known as the EC175) was developed by Airbus Helicopters as its new-generation medium-sized rotorcraft, certified in accordance with the latest and most demanding regulatory requirements. Benefits include enhanced flight safety, more volume per seat for passenger comfort, mission versatility, simplified maintenance, and cost effectiveness to match customer expectations.

The H175 delivers on all counts with its long range, smooth ride, excellent payload lift and outstanding cabin comfort. Passengers transported in the H175 for crew change missions experience the longest air-conditioned cabin and the most space and window surface per passenger of all helicopters in this class. A maximum of four passengers are seated per row. Vibration and sound levels are very low, even at high cruise speeds.

Powered by the latest Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67E engine – the PT6C67E – the H175 benefits from strong performance and large power reserves, which support efficiency and safety during take-off and landing, rig approach, hovering and hoisting.

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