Airbus H135

The 3-tonne class H135 was developed by Airbus Helicopters, with a simple design that makes maintenance fast and easy, ensuring reliable dispatch, less down time and lower operating costs.

The aircraft can take up to 6 passengers with 1 or 2 pilots, and is known for its endurance, compact build, low sound levels, reliability, versatility and cost-competitiveness. This twin-engine helicopter is particularly suitable for EMS missions, as well as for SAR, offshore energy and power line maintenance missions.

The H135 includes interior EMS features such as cabin volume that allows for direct access to the patient in the event of emergencies, with cabin layouts that meet the highest standards in patient care, such as those required by the European EN13718.

Two full authority digital engine control (FADEC)-equipped engine options are available for the H135: Safran Helicopter Engines’ Arrius 2B2plus and Pratt & Whitney Canada’s 206B3.

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