LCI delivered three Leonardo AW169 helicopters to Airlift AS, the Norwegian subsidiary of NHV Group, in June 2017.


Airlift AS was established in 1986 and, over the last 30 years, has built up considerable experience and expertise in passenger and cargo transportation. In March 2017, a lease agreement was signed with LCI to deliver three AW169s to support their rapidly growing sea pilot transfer operation with state-of-the-art helicopters.

Sea pilots need to be transported as quickly and efficiently as possible to enable ships to leave and enter harbour on schedule, and avoid incurring costly delays, and Airlift AS required helicopters that could achieve this in a cost-effective manner.


As the launch customer for the AW169, LCI was able to provide a solution for Airlift AS with a delivery of three of the innovative helicopters on a flexible financing arrangement.

The Leonardo AW169 is a versatile, new generation twin-turbine, light intermediate category helicopter, which can accommodate up to ten passengers allowing more sea pilots to be transferred much faster than the traditional method of using boats. The aircraft is certified in accordance with EASA CS-29 / FAR Part 29 standards for performance and safety.


Airlift AS is now providing a cost-effective, fast service in time-critical missions. 

Stian Harklau, Managing Director of Airlift AS, says: “The sea pilots transfer contract is very important for Airlift and we want to give our client the best possible service, using the modern AW169 aircraft.

“We were delighted to be working with LCI Helicopters who were extremely supportive of our requirements and we look forward to further developing our relationship over the coming years.”