CASE STUDY:Heliservice

When HeliService international Gmbh, leading provider of offshore services in the North Sea and Baltic regions, needed quality helicopters in an efficient timeframe, adapted for its specific usage requirements and as part of an overall package that would deliver additional partnerships benefits, it turned to LCI.

An agreement was soon made for two AW139 helicopters through innovative and flexible lease financing. LCI was able to provide this for HeliService through its strong relationship with Leonardo, delivering the aircraft on time and fully modified to ensure the benefits of the aircraft themselves enhanced the advantages of the LCI financing.


Based in North Germany and with a heritage stretching back to 1987, respected operator HeliService international quickly needed customised aircraft that could meet the exacting requirements of missions for its ambitious expansion plans in the growing offshore wind industry across the North Sea and Baltic regions.

HeliService knew what it was looking for, already operating in difficult environments such as Antarctica and the Artic, and its fleet already contained a number of AW139 helicopters.


LCI was able to lease two market-leading AW139 helicopters that had been built to a precise and high specification for HeliService, including dual hoists. Proper equipment and having the aircraft in place as soon as possible was essential to undertake these mission-critical operations in line with corporate strategy and expansion plans.

Flexible financing arrangements meant that that the prompt delivery of the helicopters kept everything on schedule and helped planning for HeliService.


HeliService is now flying those North Sea and Baltic missions, increasing its presence both in the region and the offshore wind energy sector.

Working with LCI has been a very positive experience, both in the smooth delivery of our first aircraft and now as they support our continued growth. I am sure we have found the right partner for the expansion of our company.