Praveen Vetrivel

Praveen Vetrivel

Praveen Vetrivel joined LCI in 2008 as Commercial Analyst. In September 2013 he became Vice President Structured Finance.

Praveen was previously with the UK aviation consultancy IBA Group, where he was part of the commercial team, that developed market reports and appraisals for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

An engineer by profession, he holds an Engineering Degree from Madras University, and a postgraduate degree in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University.

His role at LCI includes responsibility for all treasury functions as well liaisons with investors, banks and financiers.  During his tenure at LCI, Praveen has developed internal value and economic forecasting models which comprehensively feature in regular business plan reviews.   In addition, he is responsible for the preparation of comprehensive market reviews and strategic analyses for both the fixed wing and helicopter markets. At LCI, he has also broadened the interface with the customer finance teams of all the major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

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