About LCI

LCI is a privately owned aircraft lessor founded in 2004. Since its inception, LCI has acquired aircraft with a value approaching $6 billion and has provided leasing services to airlines, freight carriers and helicopter operators. These include leading airlines such as British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Air France, and major helicopter operators such as Babcock.

LCI’s highly experienced and well-connected management team works closely with fixed wing and rotary aircraft and engine manufacturers and with major financial institutions. It has acquired a reputation for providing agile and innovative aircraft leasing services.

LCI seeks to maintain a young, modern fleet and is continually exploring diversification into new classes of aircraft.

In February 2012, LCI signed a $400 million contract for the purchase of a fleet of Leonardo helicopters, signalling its breakthrough into the rotary wing aircraft sector whilst opening up new markets to aviation leasing. Today, it operates a fleet of over 40 helicopters.

LCI is owned by the Libra Group, an international business group with global interests spanning real estate, hotels and hospitality, transportation, renewable energy, and selected diversified investments. Libra's roots in the transportation industry go back 40 years through its shipping company, Lomar. The sale of a total of 67 ships between 2004 and 2007 brought about major expansion and diversification of the group which today has an active presence across six continents.

Recently, Libra has been been investing at scale in the transportation sector. In addition to LCI having bought and sold aircraft with a value approaching $6 billion since inception, Lomar has acquired over 90 vessels, including orders for over 20 all-new, fuel-efficient ships. The Libra Group is wholly-owned by the Logothetis family.


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